Roseville Probate Homes

Roseville & Rocklin Probate and Partition Expert

What is Probate?

In simple terms, a probate occurs when a homeowner dies without a trust and by default and/or with a will leaves to an heir.  This means that the attorney or administrator may need to help family members sell a property.  The probate process can be lengthy and having an experienced Roseville real estate agent on board to help sell the estates properties is advantagous.  

What I will Provide:

As a licensed real estate broker in Roseville with 20+ years experience, I'll be able to help sell the asset for the most money.  I have construction experience and have remodeled many of homes over the years.  I'll take the time to offer my advise as to the things we should and things we should NOT do to maximize the return.  I'm also familiar with the probate process as I have not only been involved in many probates sales, I've also been thru the process personally.

Having an experienced broker step in and help in a probate will help make the process go much smoother.  I have a list of handymen and contractors that can get some things knocked out to get the house prepped for sale quickly.

One thing my clients tell me that they like is that I'm available.  I answer my phone over 95% of the time.  If I don't answer I'm likely on the other line and will call you right back.