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We have a common goal: Making you a homeowner. Let's make it happen!
Finding the right home to fit your needs is just the beginning.  I'll be there to walk you thru the entire home buying process.

  • Search listings from the convenience of your home.
  • See listings the day they hit the market
  • Get real estate market watch updates for Placer/Sacramento listings.
  • "For Buyers" - Your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports.
  • Personal Consultation - My experience and professional connections available to you.
  • Financial advice - Loans, Mortgages, interest and tax benefits.
  • Preferred lenders, attorney, contractors, handyman...  I have sold them all houses!
  • Community utilities and facilities.

Finding a knowledgeable broker who know how to get the job done, get a good deal and are responsive to all your real estate needs. I pride myself in making myself available to my clients.  My background in construction also provides for experience over my peers.  I'm able to ball park the costs of projects on the fly, and provide you with a reliable contractor who can get it done.  Most of the houses I sell in Roseville, Rocklin area are from referral and past clients.


Selling a home is much more involved that just working with buyers.  Each property is unique and should be treated and evaluated as such.  There are plenty of different tactics that can be employed for a successful marketing campaign.  Initially we'll need to discuss your time frame and transition in order to help with the pricing of the property.  I'll empower you with comps, current market competition, price per sqft, pulse of the market and suggest what price to list at.

  • Full and complete CMA report on your property.
  • Custom marketing plan
  • Virtual tours to distinguish your listing.
  • Professional pictures 
  • Custom made flyers
  • 250 mailers to your surrounding neighbors.
  • Open Houses
  • Home staging
  • Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on.
  • Relocating - Everything you need to know about the neighborhood and transferring utilities.

If you are planning to place your home on the market, click on the "home valuation CMA report" link at the top.  Simply input your property address and you will have a CMA done for you on the fly.  You can have it emailed to you with details of the other properties that your house was compared to.  This is generally a good place to start.  Of course we'll need to take into count the improvements and upgrades you've done to your home.  When you're ready to show me your house, I'll be happy to help guide you with the things to do, and not do before we put your house on the market for sale.
I also have client reviews under the "My Testimonials" link, and online review all over the web.  Online sources you can find reviews for me will be places like google plus page, Facebook, yahoo... 

I am passionate about my job, love my neighborhood and keep up with the latest trends and strategies so that I can pass them on to my clients.

After a successful negotiation, please see my site again and leave me a review.  I want to be your Roseville real estate agent for life!

Chad Phillips
Chad Phillips

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